How do I pay?

We process credit cards and accept Pay-Pal on our online store. To make bulk orders, please contact us and a separate payment line will be communicated to you.

Can I pay using an alternative method?

If you wish to make a bank transfer or request another payment method be added to the site, please email us at info@2bu.biz

What are your payment/credit terms for custom orders?

Once the design is finalized and approved we request for a subsequent down payment for the order and final payment prior to shipment.

What is your cancellation policy for custom orders?

Once the order is placed with us and already under production cancellation is not accepted, however, you may during the early stage of the production amend (increase) the qty and/or change or add an additional insignia. To be discussed on a case by case basis.

What is your returns policy?

For online orders, we do accept returns within the same country goods are shipped from (Thailand). For custom orders – unless the delivered products are wrong we do not accept returns.