Information for Distributors

2bU invites distributors with an entrepreneurial spirit to work with us. We actively look to work with companies who are excited about designing their own clothing, creating their own sizing charts, and setting their own prices. Above all, we are looking for distributors who believe in partnership. We want to provide you with excellent products that you can proudly distribute to golf pro shops and sell on our web store, too. 2bU distributors can be located anywhere in the world, including our home base, Thailand.

Flexible Operations

2bU offers flexibility for distributors. We guarantee short lead times, flexible order quantities, and fast delivery of the products you order. Businesspersons, event organizers, and marketers who want to create personalized products without all the hassle will love our services. Contact us now to learn more about becoming a distributor of 2bU products.

Create Your Own Designs

As a 2bU distributor, you can order form our base collection but also create your own line of golf fashion or other sports apparel in any pattern or color you choose! Using one of our moisture-wicking, UV-blocking golf shirts as a base, you can choose the colors and patterns that appeal to you, and then decide your sizing chart and determine your prices. We can print logos, initials, and all kinds of insignia. Just tell us what you have in mind. Our professional design team will coordinate with you from start to finish. You can also add your personal flair to 2bU accessories, including our belts and caps. Let your personal style sing with all our apparel. Contact us now to learn more about personalizing your golf shirts and accessories, and distribution opportunities in your area.