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One company, named 2bU, has in the past few years managed not only to solve the problem of keeping us cooler but delight us with original unique styles for the exquisite people among us.

We caught up with their Swiss Owner Hanspeter Feer to find out his secret of making 2bU into a very successful brand. Hanspeter is the most unlikely fashion guru you will ever meet, having spent most of his life in the hardnosed corporate world. Although having made an apprenticeship in the garment industry in his early age, he graduated with a bachelor degree in Corporate Finance with professional assignments in Brazil, Europe and since 1991 in Asia.

Hanspeter left the cooperate world in 1995 to start his own successful Logistics and Freight Forwarding company with his partner. Hanspeter has been participating in several golf events but was always disappointed about the low quality as well as over branded shirts he received at these events. Shirts he would hardly wear, but just passed on to one of his staff.

He recognized that there was a niche for more fun and better quality range of shirts, be it for charity events or for the retail market. Hence, he started off with Terra Animalis Brand featuring his beloved Chihuahua head.

By accident in 2011 he bought a colorful belt that he liked, but the buckle broke and could not be repaired. Upset over the easy breakage, he decided to source a manufacturer of these belts who had a better quality. In the end, he was able to provide two buckles with each belt, which is how the idea 2bU was actually born.

‘2bU is not about the 2 buckles anymore, but has established itself as a lifestyle brand for exquisite people, who like “TO BE YOURSELF”, said Hanspeter. 2bu brand was then first launched in
2012 with the colorful belts. In 2013 they switched also all the apparel from the Terra brand to 2bU.

Original article published in The Pattaya Golfer.

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