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Six Timeless Golf Style Tips for Men

Fashions may fade (or at least change from season to season), but style is eternal. Here is our collection of timeless style tips to keep you looking good and feeling confident on the golf course.

Brendan McGovern Looks Forward to First Senior Major of the Year

Brendan McGovern Irish Golfer - Source Getty Images
Brendan McGovern, 2bU brand ambassador is heading to the 2018 Senior PGA Championship at the Harbor Shores for his first Senior Major of the year.

How 2bU Began - From The Pattaya Golfer Magazine

One company, named 2bU, has in the past few years managed not only to solve the problem of keeping us cooler but delight us with original unique styles for the exquisite people among us.

We caught up with their Swiss Owner Hanspeter Feer to find out his secret of making 2bU into a very successful brand.